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Brief History

Forty Acres Concerts was incorporated as a nonprofit North Carolina corporation on July 22, 1999 for the purpose of promoting various kinds of “roots” music, including old time, alternative country and blues through public events, including house concerts.

Various folks have served on the Board of Directors through the years, with the current board consisting of Bob McClanahan, Jim Enright, and Kippy Perkins.

Bob served as a volunteer after he was amazed by a Fred Eaglesmith concert held in the living room of neighbor, Lex Larson. Lex soon offered Bob a position on the board to help with booking bands and moving chairs.

Jim started as a volunteer a few years later and joined the board when three other board members retired at once, and is serving well in the management of promotion, including web and social media platforms.

Past board members have included:

Steve Gardner, Lex Larson, Tom Fisher, Jack Sayer, Ed Campion, and Tom Zulauf.

Past Events

  • Alan Jabbour and Bertram Levy
  • Alejandro Escovedo
  • Alice Gerrard, Brad Leftwich and Tom Sauber
  • Bill Kirchen
  • Big Sandy and The Fly Rite Boys
  • Biscuit Burners,
  • Brenda Linton,
  • Carl Jones & Bruce Greene,
  • Carolina Chocolate Drops,
  • The Carolina Stompers,
  • Caroline Herring
  • Chris Mills
  • Chris Smither
  • Dana and Susan Robinson
  • Danny Schmidt
  • Darden Smith
  • David Olney
  • Duane Jarvis
  • Fred Eaglesmith
  • Frog Holler
  • Gove Scrivenor
  • Greg Greenway
  • Greg Trooper
  • James Leva and Memory Theatre
  • Jas. Mathus & His Knock-Down Society
  • Jeffrey Dean Foster and Cliff Retallick
  • Jim & Jennie & the Pinetops
  • Jim Lauderdale
  • Joe Thompson
  • John Cowan Band
  • John Dee Holeman w/Andy Coats
  • Jones & Leva
  • Justin Thompson
  • Katharine Whalen’s Big Band
  • Kenny Roby
  • Malcolm Holcombe
  • Martin Stephenson
  • The Mary Janes
  • Mollie O’Brien and Richard Moore
  • Pat DiNizio
  • Paul Burch
  • Peter Case
  • Peter Mulvey
  • Polecat Creek
  • R.B. Morris
  • Reeltime Travelers
  • Robbie Fulks
  • Rod Picott
  • Sarah Guthrie w/ Johnny Irion
  • Scott Ainslie
  • Scott Miller
  • Shannon Whitworth
  • Slaid Cleaves
  • Sloan Wainright
  • Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart
  • Star Room Boys
  • Stillhouse Bottom Band
  • The Waybacks
  • Tift Merritt & The Carbines
  • Todd Scheaffer
  • Tommy Peoples
  • Tommy Womack & Tim Carroll
  • Tony Williamson
  • Tres Chicas
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