We could tell you lots of things about Errand Girl but we thought it would be nice if you hear it from some of our clients.

“Errand Girl Concierge Service has become an extra set of hands for us since August 2010. and they have become indispensable. They are prompt, dependable, friendly, patient, always professional and trustworthy. We are pleased and grateful to have found Errand Girl.” 

Dena Belvin

“Tina,Errand Girl was literally a life savor for me last year. Your service was comforting and extremely professional. I hope to have the opportunity to continue to do business with you in 2011. Thanks, Mina ” 

Mina Forte-FergusonDurham, NC

“Errand Girl Services has been a blessing to me and my family. The Errand Girl staff is on time,trustworthy, kind, and flexible. I rely on Errand Girl to take me to all of my Doctor appointments. When I am scheduled to travel out of town,Errand Girl services takes me to the airport. Whatever service I call the Errand Girls to do,it is done professionally. ” 

Jean FarringtonDurham, NC

“With a household of two working parents with two active boys, I am glad we have Errand Girl of Durham to help out when we are in a pinch. We have had to use Errand Girl of Durham on several occasions and they were very responsive, prompt, and courteous. Thank you Errand Girl of Durham!! ” 

Teresa Hedley

“I very highly recommend the Errand Girl Service. They are truly outstanding. Tina Travis, the owner, is a professional organizer. She is caring, and extremely competent. The charge of $25.00 per hour, is for the job. Tina provides items required for the task. I am pleased to recommend this service without qualification.

Natalie McMilin

“Errand Girl delivered a paper for me while I was out of town. I had a strict deadline, and she got it done with plenty of time to spare. I definitely will be using them again!” 

Alana GreenDurham, NC

“With children there is always something that happens last minute. Errand Girl has been extremely helpful even when your in a time crunch. We have called on them to notarize documents and used their other services and again there they are helping us out, making our life a little easier! Thank you for being there Errand Girl!” 

Jon & Jennifer ElkinDurham, NC

“What I like about using Errand Girl is that I don’t have to feel like I’m burdening family members or asking favors of people to drop and pick me up from the airport. I can feel like an independent professional by calling on Errand Girl to help me out. Thank you for what you do.” 

Chris M.Durham, NC

“I needed a mobile notary, and Errand Girl was there for me. I dealt directly with the owner, Tina Travis, who was friendly, courteous, and professional. When the court was running late Tina made adjusts to her busy schedule so she could be there for me. I would highly recommend Errand Girl to everyone.” 

Perry A.

“Errand Girl has come to the rescue for me on many occasions.

I am a working mom and my school aged kids are in a variety of after school activities. I try to drive them to as many activities as possible, but I can only be at one place at a time.

The kids are old enough that they don’t need babysitters, but we do need help with driving. Errand Girl is cost effective for us and provides just the reliable personal service that we need for our family.

It is more than a taxi service. The drivers are a small group of competent, kind women that my kids have gotten to know. They talk with my daughter on the way to dance, and even gives me feedback on how she is doing.

I appreciate the reliable and caring adult presence with my kids when I am not able to be with them, and I completely trust Errand Girl staff. I so value that I don’t have to stress about getting my kids where they need to be.

The Errand Girl’s are so organized and they send texts and emails regarding the schedule and payment. They run a great business, and I have recommended Errand Girl to many friends.

I am so glad I found Errand Girl!” 

Julie L. Chapel Hill

“Several years ago my mother was no longer able to drive. It was becoming a burden for friends to take her to places she needed to go. I live in Charlotte and my mom in Durham.

As you can imagine, I was worried sick about her being taking care of. I called several services and was not impressed. My friend mentioned Errand Girl to me. From the minute, Tina answered the phone I was impressed.

She and Roslyn came to meet with myself and my mom. We were sold.

They began taking her to hair appts, dr appts, and grocery shopping. Even helping to put away my mom’s groceries. Several times, if my mom was sick suddenly, they would always make time to get her to an appointment.

Almost a year ago, my mom moved into assisted living. They still continue to take her to appointments 3 or 4 times a month. Even several times during holidays meeting me halfway between Durham and Charlotte to get my mom to save me a trip.

I have never met such kind, generous, and caring people. As a business owner myself, I know it comes from the top.

Errand Girl is a service I would highly recommend to anyone and I always know they will be on time as planned. But beware, not only will they be a great service, but they will become part of your family. My mom & I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Nancy B & Frances C.Charlotte, NC

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Errand Girl, for your very active participation during the planning and fabulous implementation of my 42th birthday party in April 2010. My husband and I wanted to pass on our sincere appreciation for your efforts in supporting and making my 42th birthday party personal, memorable, and most all, unique. Your skill in planning and creating an unforgettable, yet sassy theme representing women inner strengths and beauty was captivating. The party favors featuring wine glasses filled with assorted jelly beans, pocket book holders, and lip gloss were remarkable. And supplying me and my guest with two personal stylists to skillfully apply eye lashes for all to enjoy was phenomenal. To this day, most of my guest still compliment the party favors stating, this was the only birthday party they had attended where they left with something so special. They felt as thought it was a party for women to pamper themselves with something so simple, yet unique in some many ways. On both a professional and personal level, I really appreciate the time that the two of us were able to spend together for fun and numerous reflections after my party. I certainly learned a lot about the various aspects of creating a perfect birthday party. Words cannot express how touched and gratefully satisfied I was with the results. Your professionalism, promptness, personal service, excellent communication skills, and follow- up memos created a stress free, yet lovely special day for me. Again, thank you so much for your sincere enthusiastic participation in my joyous occasion. You brought the WOW factor to both me and my wonderful guest. I have no doubt that it would not have been such a success that it was without your presence, love and warm spirit. High five to Errand Girl, and I would recommend your services to everyone!!!” 

Adrienne Heath

“The reason I am permanently using Errand Girl is:

  • Reliable
  • Trustworthiness
  • Efficiency
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Pleasantness

I am so relieved I have the Durham Errand Girl Services because they make my life easier. Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude to the service you provide

Nadia A.Durham, NC

I have used Errand Girl on multiple times and loved their services. They have taken me to and from follow ups post-surgery, and made sure I had food in the house at the same time. They are also great and reliable with airport runs!

Courtney BrownOwner, Respite Cafe

I used Errand Girl to help me with a surprise birthday party for my wife. They did the grocery shopping, helped prepare the food, and cleaned up. It allowed me to focus on keeping the surprise a secret and hiding the guests for the big moment. My errand girl was professional, courteous and very friendly. They were the perfect set of helping hands that I needed to make this party a success! My errands girl was professional, courteous and very friendly. They were the perfect set of helping hands that I needed to make this party a success!

Jeff PhilipsOwner, InFocus Studios

I cannot recommend Errand Girl highly enough. Tina and her staff have been a wonderful resource to many of my estate planning clients. Whether it’s helping someone with errands after surgery or helping an out-of-state or busy executor of an estate clean out the house of a deceased loved one, Tina is professional, courteous, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Jennifer Dalman
I love Errand Girl! They can do everything, from taking me to the airport, to helping me walk my dog, to running errands that I can’t get to since I’m always on the road for work. Would recommend to any young professional that needs an extra set of hands.
Kerry Miles

My husband went to India for 2 weeks and left me with 2 dogs to walk which was going to be difficult because one of them needs undivided attention while being walked. Errand Girl came over each morning I needed them. They showed up on time, were professional, friendly and fun to walk with….What a great way to start the day!

Toni Stevens

Tina and her staff just do it! There isn’t a task to small that they are not able to help provide, from washing the dishes, to folding laundry, to picking up the kids from school, to grocery shopping,. They really do make our lives easier, one errand at a time! We all need help with our to do lists, and truthfully it’s not always what we would want to be doing! Pass the list along and make your life a lot easier too!

Patrick HawkerOwner, Salon Povera

Errand Girl is a Godsend for busy people. They literally can do whatever you need done. I use them often to transport me to the airport at the wee hours of the morning, but have also used them for temporary admin services among other things. As the owner says often, “Everyone needs an Errand Girl”.

Brian ScottOwner, Aggie Technologies

I highly recommend Tina and her merry band of Errand Girls! I had a morning flight today and didn’t want to chance calling a cab service–the last time I needed to take a taxi to the airport, the driver that was assigned to us was 30 mins late to pick us up, making us almost miss our flight. Tina, on the contrary, was timely (she was 10 mins early but didn’t rush us), friendly, and a true professional. If you need a lift to or from the airport, or for any miscellaneous needs, please keep Errand Girl in mind!

Michele Ketchum

I can not say enough about Errand Girl services. These people are simply the best! We had 4 Errand Girls help us with an artist reception that we had at our Gallery and they were amazing!! They helped to set up, serve cocktails and food to the attendees and helped us clean everything up after the event. These people are telepathic. They know what you need before you do!! We could not have been happier with Errand Girl Services. My husband and I know quite a few people that use Errand Girl all the time and they always sing their praises! Tina, the owner is so tuned in to her business and making every client super happy that you can use Errand Girl with complete confidence. No job is too big or small. Let Errand Girl make your life easier one Errand at a Time! You will not be disappointed!

Tiffany BowlesOwner, Bull City Art & Frame